About Our Online Store

Gallery Department is a contemporary fashion brand renowned for its distinctive approach to clothing design, blending elements of art, streetwear, and DIY aesthetics. The brand was founded by Josué Thomas in Los Angeles in the early 2010s.

Gallery Department was established by Josué Thomas, an artist and designer with a background in the fashion industry. Thomas initiated the brand as a way to fuse his passion for art and streetwear, crafting clothing that functions as wearable artwork. During its formative years, the brand cultivated a dedicated following for its hand-painted and customized garments, often featuring bold and expressive designs.

Gallery Department’s unique style, anchored in art and self-expression, has resulted in its global appeal, attracting fashion enthusiasts and creatives from all corners of the world.

Gallery Department Hoodie: Gallery Department’s hoodies serve as creative canvases, often featuring hand-painted designs that transform this staple into an artful form of self-expression.

Gallery Department T-Shirt: These t-shirts seamlessly blend streetwear aesthetics with artistic expression, showcasing distinctive graphics that turn an ordinary tee into a fashion statement.

Gallery Department Sweatshirt: Comfort meets artistry in Gallery Department sweatshirts, where hand-painted designs add an unconventional and artistic touch to your daily wardrobe.

Gallery Department Bottoms: Whether it’s distressed denim jeans or trousers adorned with unique patches and paintings, Gallery Department’s bottoms offer an artistic twist to traditional attire, allowing for self-expression from the waist down.